Agriculture Satellite and UAV Imagery

Satellite and UAV

Field states and vegetation index analysis is essential for increasing yield and decreasing production costs.
Multispectral imaging provides all the necessary data for that. It is obtained from the satellite data providers and drones that take pictures of the fields. Using those images, we can generate various index maps of the fields to compare annual changes and make a precise forecast of the future.

Our experience

Collecting satellite data from various images providers: Sentinel S2, Landsat 8, Pleiades, SPOT
Processing and analyzing images from UAV
Display multispectral images on the map
Combine different sources of imaging data
Calculate index data NDVI, LAI, Moisture Index, Green NDVI per area or point
Display average index per period
Monitor, search by date and accumulate data from satellite
Convert from image format to a shapefile or other formats to modulate prescriptions

A bit of extra

Using advanced AI and Machine learning to prevent plant diseases
Discover problematic areas on the field (like areas with insufficient soil moisture)

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