MyEasyFarm is the first cloud Farming Management Information System (FMIS) with ISOBUS integration. It is a pure AgriTech solution for precision farming, taking the whole industry to the next level.

What’s so cool about it?

Imagine you’re a farmer. You’ve got fields, maps, equipment, and farm workers. You spend time tracking the tractors, calculating the amount of fertilizers, trying to predict the weather forecast, making lists of tasks, analyzing the soil and crop growth. A-a-and having a fun time communicating all of that to your workers. Sounds like a nightmare.

MyEasyFarm offers a profound solution: it integrates the equipment, collects all data, allows task creation. Moreover, it uses satellite maps to optimize tractor routes and tracks crop development from field preparation to yield. The workers get their own mobile app for task tracking, sharing their current location, and equipment assistance. All of that becomes a solid base for your farm’s efficiency.

Let’s have a closer look at each stage of design and development.

farms and fields

MyEasyFarm supports management of multiple farms. Each farm can have its own equipment, fields, rates, and other details. At the same time, different farms can share the same equipment. As for the fields, their overview is organized on a map and a fields list.

Fields list

We created a simple list of cards with preview and an ability to differentiate the fields by color. By default, the fields are colored by crop variety.


You can add a weather forecast provider to your farm for planning and analysis. In addition, MyEasyFarm can collect data from your on-site weather station.


See detailed reports on all resources and products used on the fields at any time.

Mobile App

MyEasyFarm mobile app helps workers keep track of tasks, allows location sharing (especially helpful when there’s an issue on the field), and provides additional assistance with ISOBUS in case the equipment doesn’t support it.

Prescriptions and
Application Maps

One of the most important parts of precision agriculture is using accurate NDVI-based maps for seeding, fertilizing, soil analysis, and other data. MyEasyFarm allows storing all maps, creating new ones, and even comparing them for a better understanding of your field conditions.

Cycles and Tasks

MyEasyFarm has a dashboard that shows all important events that are going to happen at your farm. For tracking crop growth we use Cycles, a period from field preparation until crop yield. Each cycle consists of Practices and Operations, which contain Tasks. Each task can process different primary data, for example, prescription maps that result in an application map that shows what has been accomplished.

Adding a Prescription Map

MyEasyFarm allows not only importing prescription maps but also creating your own.


Complete ISOBUS support is one of the key MyEasyFarm features. It allows obtaining all information about equipment performance on the field and creating an application map for comparison.

and Dictionaries

Manage your equipment, add terminals to tractors, and check maintenance. Add geometry definitions to equipment for ISOBUS compatibility. Manage farm workers’ schedule, and use MyEasyFarm pre-defined dictionaries for crops and fertilizers.


Manage your equipment, schedule the workload, and share it across your farms.

Farm Workers

Check and plan their working schedule, assign tasks, and add a mobile app integration.


MyEasyFarm comes with preinstalled dictionaries of crops and fertilizers. You can also integrate the external ones to the system.