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MyEasyFarm is the first cloud Farming Management Information System (FMIS) with ISOBUS integration. It is a pure AgroTech solution for precision farming, taking the whole industry to the next level.

Francois Thierart
Founder & CEO
We reached out to dvhb because they’ve already had experience with Agro-Tech, which is essential for our project. The dvhb team developed the MyEasyFarm cloud platform for farm management and MVP of its mobile app, implemented export and import of tasks for equipment following the ISOBUS standard. Due to flexible development approach and the right choice of framework, our platform is easily adaptable to requirements of agricultural equipment manufacturers. Moreover, the dvhb team helped us in preparation to industry events, such as Innov-Agri, AEF Plugfest, and DKE connect conference in 2018. We’re happy to be partners with dvhb and hope to develop MyEasyFarm into a successful product together.


A mobile app built with React Native for Carggo, an international digital logistics provider. The app helps carriers find a relative load, deliver it on time&budget and quickly receive the payment.

Andrey Goncharov
dvhb designed and developed our mobile app for carriers. The team immersed themselves in the project at warp speed and successfully delivered the application meeting the agreed deadline. They created the UX following the design-driven approach, wrote the code, and designed the UI of iOS and Android apps in accordance to platforms’ guidelines, performed a full cycle of QA and helped us with App Store publication. The first MVP version was delivered in three months, which is quite fast considering the scope and the whole project took six months. We are happy with the result and would recommend dvhb to everyone who is in need of a technological partner.

Our experience

Starting more than 8 years ago, we’ve built 92 projects in ArgoTech, FinTech, Logistics, E-commerce, and Pharma to innovate the industry standard.

Here’s a brief list of few other our endeavors for the past 4 years:

user interface design of ExactFarming, the cloud-based ERP system for farmers,
recommendation service for expats and travelers Ruam,
FinTech startup Lovat, an international VAT tax service provider,
enterprise portal Owork, designed as a corporate social network,
website for escape games Maze Rooms,
website and online store of the American manufacturer of crafting wine accessories Wine-n-Gear and California Champagne Sabers,
tablet and mobile apps of the YotaRuby Wi-Fi/LTE routers.

This is how we do it

MVP strategy

We divide the MVP development into several releases and build them in parallel. The UI designer delivers the first screens to start the development. The process evolves and we prepare a test launch that might be public in case we’re testing a hypothesis. We analyze the users’ data and feedback, update the specs and implement future changes within week release cycles.


We believe the first stage of any project is research. We strive to understand the market, users, and business needs, making it a base for design. A plan with milestones linked to the project’s strategy and funding is provided at this stage and it results in an interactive mockup.


When it comes to management, we believe in Agile, appreciating the flexibility. But if that’s not your ideal approach, fear not: we’re experienced with other techniques and will propose the one that meets your needs.


We create a design system with UI kit and components to make improvements of a complex interface in an easy way. SPA architecture for web and mobile applications secures a smooth process of parallel front-end and back-end development.

Deploy and test

DevOps engineers set up the server environment and automate the deployment process. QA specialists ensure the app is bug-free and ready to go live. Weekly iterations guarantee we deliver early and often, up to the official launch.

Moving forward

After your MVP is out and about in the real world, we take over its continuous development or help with establishing your own in-house team. We help with the process, share our expertise in consulting, provide on-demand design and development support.

It’s nice to meet you!

Account managers

Your first contact will be one of our account managers, Kita, Elina, or Dima. They’re keen on collecting project requirements, providing budget estimates, and consulting on the most profitable solutions. Along the way, they provide estimates for the new scope, take responsibility for meeting the deadlines, and ensure your relationship with dvhb prospers.

When working with a potential client, they involve our lead designer and developers for advice.

Project managers

On the kick-off call, you’ll meet your Project Manager: Ivan, Leo, Vlad, or Alex. They’re responsible for every task and process that we do within a project as well as writing documentation. Having technical backgrounds, PMs lead the team and take a role of a project’s CTO, defining the right stack and architecture.

UX Research and Design

Our designers use Value Proposition Canvas, Jobs-to-be-done, and even Personas if necessary. They draw Empathy and Customer Journey Maps. As for the tools, we think Figma or Sketch are great for design, Principle rocks the animation, Marvel is great for prototyping, and Hotjar is number one at user behavior tracking.


Our front-end developers use React, React Native, and Vue.js to build mobile and web apps. On the back-end, we do Asynchronous API with Python, powered by PostgreSQL database.

QA & DevOps

QA engineers use Selenium, Test Rail, and Zephyr.

DevOps team is available 24/7 and pro with Linux, Docker, Ansible, and Jenkins.

Internal Processes

If you have any questions on legal matters, we’ll reach out to Olga, our lawyer. She specializes in Internet Law and intellectual property. Our HR Ann will help with building your own in-house team, when and if that will be necessary.

Our internal processes and infrastructure are managed by Julia and Mary. All financial questions are handled by Paul, our CFO.

Our CEO Arthur and COO Alex ensure dvhb is always moving forward. Having broad experience, they also consult the teams on strategy and startup development.

Let’s talk!

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