ISOBUS integration


ISOBUS is an equipment data exchange protocol. By exchanging data, we optimize the use of equipment, seeds, fertilizers, and other essential production components.
Plan tasks for equipment for the whole cycle on the farm
Create precision prescription maps for better products efficiency
Track the execution of the tasks
Analyze tasks data using Application and Yield Maps and advanced reports
Prescription maps control the flow and usage of seeds and fertilizer products by equipment. Application maps allow to analyze whether a task has been performed properly. Together with the satellite data and soil analysis, they become a basis for future prescription maps and precision farming. The ultimate goal is to increase yield and decrease expenses.
Whether user is a farmer or a contractor, ISOBUS is a great source for analyzing efficiency.

Our experience

Integrating equipment with ISOBUS protocol
Provide an efficient workflow for the equipment (task planning and execution)
Reconstructing the work trace of the equipment
Create prescription maps from various sources specialized for equipment
Collect and analyze reports
Calculate fuel and product consumption economy

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