IoT-based smart farming

IoT for Farms

Did you know the farm equipment can talk? Here’s what kind of data we can get from that conversation.
Temperature and soil humidity sensors and on-field weather stations will help to decide on operations needed to perform on the field, like irrigation. The irrigation system could be also controlled remotely and send the data on water usage. Telematic boxes could be used to track equipment and keep the farmers aware of the tractors’ position and speed. NFC card would help to identify when workers started and finished the day and what kind of equipment they used.
A sensors network obtains data on the field. The sensors operate for months and send across all the data without having to be re-charged. Triggers and alarms can be set up to keep the team in the loop.

Our experience

Building MASH networks LoRaWAN, SigFox, LTE NB-IoT
Receiving live data from different sources via REST/SOAP API
MQTT Connections
Protobuf protocols
Generate dashboards and display sensors data
Trigger alerts and push notifications
Perform Geofencing

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