We’re a team of individuals striving for excellence in everything we do. We’re remote-first, covering a few time zones, open-minded and diverse. We meet with clients and partners on business trips and conferences, eager to learn more about themselves and their vision.

Account managers

Your first contact will be one of our account managers, Kita, Vlad, or Dima. They’re keen on collecting project requirements, providing budget estimates, and consulting on the most profitable solutions. Along the way, they provide estimates for the new scope, take responsibility for meeting the deadlines, and ensure your relationship with dvhb prospers.

When working with a potential client, they involve our lead designer and developers for advice.

Project managers

On the kick-off call, you’ll meet your Project Manager: Ivan, Leo, Vlad, or Alex. They’re responsible for every task and process that we do within a project as well as writing documentation. Having technical backgrounds, PMs lead the team and take a role of a project’s CTO, defining the right stack and architecture.

User research and Design

Our designers use Value Proposition Canvas, Jobs-to-be-done, and even Personas if necessary. They draw Empathy and Customer Journey Maps. As for the tools, we think Figma or Sketch are great for design, Principle rocks the animation, Marvel is great for prototyping, and Hotjar is number one at user behavior tracking.


Our front-end developers use React, React Native, and Vue.js to build mobile and web apps. On the back-end, we do Asynchronous API with Python, powered by PostgreSQL database.

QA & DevOps

QA engineers use Selenium, Test Rail, and Zephyr.

DevOps team is available 24/7 and pro with Linux, Docker, Ansible, and Jenkins.

Internal Processes

If you have any questions on legal matters, we’ll reach out to Olga, our lawyer. She specializes in Internet Law and intellectual property. Our HR Ann will help with building your own in-house team, when and if that will be necessary.

Our internal processes and infrastructure are managed by Julia and Elina. Another Elina is responsible for marketing in our company. All financial questions are handled by Paul, our CFO.

Our CEO Arthur and COO Alex ensure dvhb is always moving forward. Having broad experience, they also consult the teams on strategy and startup development.

Reach out to hello@dvhb.com to find out about our open positions.