Transparent and effective digital logistics solutions

A mobile app built with React Native for Carggo, an international digital logistics provider. The app helps carriers find a relative load, deliver it on time&budget and quickly receive the payment.


  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Notifications and reminders on all actions
  • Geofencing - an automated registration once the load has reached the destination point
  • Special fonts and dark mode for using the app without being disturbed while driving
  • Offline mode for the core features working with no cellular connection

Find and accept new load

Carggo app helps carriers find new loads based on their location and available modes of transportation

Executing delivery

During delivery execution, drivers and owner-operators update their status to inform dispatches and load managers about the progress

Managing loads

For a dispatcher, the mobile app is not his main working environment. But it should still be as simple and user-friendly as possible.


We build cross-platform mobile apps using React Native and TypeScript. They work, look, and feel indistinguishable from the apps built with Java, Objective-C, and Swift, but take less development time.

  • File upload, integration with geolocation, smartphone camera, and Google maps implemented with native plugins
  • iOS and Android interfaces are different and follow the platforms guidelines, written on JavaScript stack
  • Continuous integration and release publishing to Google Play and App Store