Precision agriculture mapping

Maps Solutions

Maps are a great way to represent the field data. Add fields to the map, group them by crop, operation types and distinguish one from another using color-coding.
We can integrate map solutions into desktop, mobile and SaaS apps. Over the last few years, we’ve worked with most of the map providers and their APIs.
With Leaflet JS, we create a universal solution that works with any map provider and ensures the same functionality.
Display, create, modify and store soil analysis and prescription maps for the equipment, and application and yield maps from the equipment for each of the fields. Sort maps per growth cycles and campaigns.
Compare and analyze different layers of data to create even more precise prescription maps in the future.
For creating a prescription map, use previously added maps like soil analysis or satellite data.
To create a Prescription Map, use previously imported maps such as soil analysis map and maps based on satellite data such as NDVI.
Create individual maps for each product used during the growth cycle. Track position of equipment on the map. Reconstruct the working path of any equipment. Add points of interest on the field to make notes or mark problematic areas.

Our experience

Working with different map providers: Mapbox, Google Maps, Openstreet maps, Apple MapKit
Building solutions using Leaflet JS
Integrating satellite images data into the maps
Add or define all fields to the map
Create and store Soil Analysis Maps
Build and store Prescription Maps
Get Application and Yield Maps from the equipment and store them
Store satellite data converted to maps
Use multilayer maps to display exact data
Compare maps side by side or overlaying one over other
Accumulate year-by-year map data for each field of the farm
Show equipment and its route on the maps
Add POI for notes on the fields

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